I grew up in Suffolk in the middle of the countryside before moving to London where I spent 6 years completing internships and working in the design industry...before I realised this wasn’t for me!

Becoming a teacher was the best career move I could have made. I have found working to inspire young people to engage in the subject I am most passionate about extremely fulfilling. This year will be my second year teaching in Dubai and I am thrilled to be teaching secondary art at DBS. I love creativity on all levels so please come and chat to me about any extra-curricular creative projects you might be working on. In my spare time, I love spending time with my friends, reading, watching documentaries, travelling, going to yoga classes and visiting art galleries and exhibitions.

It is hard to pinpoint a single moment as my highlight of my teaching career, however one would be the positive relationships I have developed to date with my students. There is nothing more rewarding then walking into a class full of big smiles each morning or the moment when a student creates a piece of art they are proud of or masters a technique they have been struggling to grasp. Being able to facilitate these moments is extraordinary!