The alumni of Dubai British School Emirates Hills form a global network of young people who have experienced the very best of a modern British education in a truly international environment.

Our shared values of collaboration, interconnectedness, reciprocity and friendship have helped to develop relationships which last through the university years and forwards into professional networks which create meaningful lifelong connections.

Students from DBSEH continue to attend the very best universities in the United Kingdom and the world.


Here are a few stories from our alumni:

Hamzah Mohammed, DBSEH Class of 2022
Salma Shamseldin - DBSEH Class of 2022
Eamon Al Safi - DBSEH Class of 2022
Elena Jarvis, DBSEH Class of 2020
Rahim Talibzade, DBS Class of 2015
Amytice Mirchi, DBS Class of 2012
Michael Ayad, DBS Class of 2012
Larissa Sterchi, DBS Class of 2012
Rebecca Moore, DBS Class of 2011
Bethany Scott, DBS Class of 2011