The safety of our students is our primary concern. We have a number of comprehensive support systems in place to ensure the wellbeing of students while they are here.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral care at DBSEH is comprehensive, with students throughout the school supported by their Class or Form Teacher, Year or Key Stage Leaders, the Heads of Primary and Secondary and their deputies, and the Principal.

This team is supported by an excellent counselling team and further strengthened through the student leadership body, with Prefects and Peer Mentors.


All staff are Level 1 Safeguarding trained, with the Child Protection Coordinators (CPC) Level 3 trained.

The Child Protection Coordinators here are the Principal and the Head of Secondary Head. They will call together the Core Group, as appropriate, who will consider all or any evidence gathered regarding a student of concern and decide on the action to be taken.

The Wellbeing and Pastoral care DBS offer our student's is just as important as their learning. With a dedicated School Counsellor for Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form, we recognise the vital role psychological Wellbeing plays in student success which, underpins everything we do within the school.

As a Counsellor I believe wholeheartedly that if our psychological wellbeing is compromised we cannot learn, develop and achieve our potential.

Gail Gallagher


At DBSEH, in addition to the academic development of our pupils, we also aim to develop the children more holistically. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Developing Life Skills/Learning Skills

Through the 6Cs we have built into the fabric of the curriculum a broad range of opportunities to develop key life skills, such as empathy, enquiry and investigation, public speaking, leadership, self-confidence, respect as well as many other essential values and defining attributes. These skills are often taught implicitly by giving the children opportunities to, for example work cooperatively with others or lead a school project. Teachers plan lessons with specific opportunities to develop students the opportunity to demonstrate and develop non-academic skills.


Positive Education

We believe that people who have high levels of emotional, behavioural and social wellbeing live happy, purposeful and productive lives. Our approach is to develop a learning community which is positive, engaged and connected in line with our school’s vision statement: ‘Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve’

Our Positive Education Curriculum is based on Martin Seligman’s Flourish model, where he believes true happiness comes from positive emotion, engagement, relationships with others, finding a sense of meaning and celebrating accomplishments. Throughout each half term we aim to develop wellbeing by focusing on each area and celebrating our key strengths alongside.