Daily Timings

School timings differ, depending on your child's year group. A punctual start is essential to avoid disruption for your child and their year group. Timings are as follows:

Foundation 1 & 2

  • Monday to Thursday - 7:45am to 1:45pm 
  • Friday- 7:45am to 11:50am 

Year 1 to Year 6

  • Year 1: Monday to Thursday - 7:55am to 2:30pm
  • Year 2/3: Monday to Thursday - 7:55am to 2:35pm
  • Year 4: Monday to Thursday - 7:55am to 2:40pm
  • Year 5/6: Monday to Thursday - 7:55am to 2:45pm 
  • Friday- 7:55am to 12:00pm

Year 7 to Year 12

  • Monday to Thursday - 7:55am to 3:30pm 
  • Friday- 7:45am to 12:10pm 

*School gates open and students are supervised from 7.30am

* Our Accounts and Administration offices are open Monday to Thursdays from7.30am to 4pm. On Fridays they will be closed 12:30pm

Break Time

Students have a morning break of 15 minutes and a lunch break of 50 minutes. Please ensure your child has their school hat and water bottle for break time. We have a strict 'no hat, no play' policy for Primary Children.

School Meals

Foundation and Year 1 to Year 3 students are asked to bring packed lunches. From Year 4 and above you have the choice between packed lunches or taking advantage of our on-site canteen.  

We ask parents to please ensure that the lunch you provide for your child is healthy. The following items are not allowed: chocolate of any kind, including spreads and yoghurt, sweets, pork or nut products, crisps or fizzy drinks 

To safeguard children who may suffer from allergies, nuts or products containing nuts (e.g. peanut butter) should not be included in packed lunches. We are also a pork-free school.

From Year 4 and above students can use the on-site canteen. This is run by Leela’s Lunches offering students healthy and comprehensive meals, snacks and beverages, including a 3 course healthy lunch. 

More Information about Leela's Lunches