Please see a guide to the availability of each year group below. Kindly note that we only consider applications for year groups that are open, or currently have a waitlist.  

If the year group you wish to apply for is closed, you may consider applying at our Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation campus (Years FS1 & FS2), Dubai British School Jumeirah Park campus (Years 1 to 13), Dubai British School Jumeira (FS1 to Year 6) or Jebel Ali School (Years FS1 to Year 13).

Year Group 2023/242024/252025/2026
FS 1 Closed

Closed - Capacity Reached

Closed - Capacity Reached

Open for siblings only

FS 2  ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 1 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 2 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 3 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 4 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 5 Closed


Currently closed
Year 6 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 7 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 8 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 9 ClosedClosedCurrently closed
Year 10 ClosedClosed
Currently closed
Year 11 Closed (subject/exam board dependent)Currently closedCurrently closed
Year 12 Closed

Limited Seats Available

(pending subject availability)

Apply today HERE
Currently closed
Year 13 Closed (subject/exam board dependent)Currently closedCurrently closed

Please note:

* Applications for FS1 2025/26 academic year open in January 2024. 

* Waiting Pool: Places will be offered to all siblings, staff children and former students first as per our admissions policy. Remaining places will be offered to external applicants.

Please note that with a large number of prospective students each year, the number of applicants can exceed the number of seats available in a designated Year group for the current or upcoming academic year. DBSEH waiting pool is an unranked group of students who have been assessed and are ready to be offered a place when a seat becomes available.

* Applications for entry to Year 11 and Year 13 are dependent on us offering the same subjects and exam boards that the student is currently studying.

* Secondary Applications: Due to KHDA restrictions on transfers within Dubai for Secondary students, only overseas applications will be considered for Term 2 and Term 3 in each academic year. Transfers within Dubai for Term 2 and Term 3 are subjected to KHDA approval

Note, we will accept applications from DBS staff, siblings and former students even if closed.

Waiting list Definitions

Closed – Waiting lists are kept open until the cap is reached, at which time they are closed and no further applications are accepted. Note, we will accept applications from DBS staff, and siblings even if closed.

Open – We are accepting applications into the waiting list and anticipate making admission offers, however, we cannot guarantee place availability to all who apply. Waiting lists are maintained for all year groups and applicants may be waitlisted after assessment, depending on availability.

Open, Waitlist Only – Applications are accepted into the waiting list on the caveat that all year group places have been offered, and we do not have spaces to offer today. Children will be invited for assessment and places offered from the waiting list if they become available.

Year Groups

KHDA regulations mean that we place students in age-appropriate year groups for FS1, FS2 and Year 1. For Years 2 and above, students are placed according to their Transfer Certificate.

Families are encouraged to use the chart below to ensure that they are applying for the correct year group and to take into consideration the differences that exist in the naming of grades or years around the world. (As an example, Year 2 in the British Curriculum is equivalent to Grade 1 in IB curriculum although both programs are for 6-year-olds who turn 7 during the school year).

Year Group Enrollment for the 2023-24 Academic Year

Birth YearAgeBritish National Curriculum Year GroupsIB Year GroupsNorth American / Europe Grade Level
1st September 2019 - 31st August 20203+FS1  
1st September 2018 - 31st August 20194+FS2 (Reception)EY 1KG 1
1st September 2017 - 31st August 20185+Year 1EY 2KG 2
1st September 2016 - 31st August 20176+Year 2PYP/Grade 1Grade 1
1st September 2015 - 31st August 20167+Year 3PYP/Grade 2Grade 2
1st September 2014 - 31st August 20158+Year 4PYP/Grade 3Grade 3
1st September 2013 - 31st August 20149+Year 5PYP/Grade 4Grade 4
1st September 2012 - 31st August 201310+Year 6PYP/Grade 5Grade 5
1st September 2011 - 31st August 201211+Year 7MYP/Grade 6Grade 6
1st September 2010 - 31st August 201112+Year 8MYP/Grade 7Grade 7
1st September 2009 - 31st August 201013+Year 9MYP/Grade 8Grade 8
1st September 2008 - 31st August 200914+Year 10MYP/Grade 9Grade 9
1st September 2007 - 31st August 200815+Year 11MYP/Grade 10Grade 10
1st September 2006 - 31st August 200716+Year 12Diploma/Grade 11Grade 11
1st September 2005 - 31st August 200617+Year 13Diploma/Grade 12Grade 12

If you have any other questions please email the team on: [email protected]