We are a very active and friendly group of parents and teachers with two specific ambitions: to enhance the experience of the DBS Emirates Hills community through entertaining events and activities, and to gather funds for the nice-to-have elements that further enrich the school.

DBSEH is a very special school with a unique spirit that flows through the corridors. The PTA aims to both harness and amplify this spirit by involving students, staff, parents and the local community in our activities.

We’ve organised Winter Fairs and Spring Fairs, car boot sales, discos (for the students), quizzes (for the adults), Secret Santa sales and lots more… and we’re always looking for new members and new ideas to add to the fun.

We hope to meet you soon!

Wendy Mattock DBSEH PTA Chair

Get Involved!

We know there can be certain perceptions about getting involved with a school PTA… maybe you think it will take up too much time, or ‘they’ already have enough people, or that it might be a bit ‘cliquey’…? None of this is true of the DBSEH PTA.

Everyone has busy lives with work and family commitments… We understand this, and welcome ANY help you can give us. Core members do offer a fair amount of their spare time, but we split events between teams, and members can say how much they are able to be involved. We also run a volunteer list that we call upon when we need short bursts of additional help – for example, chaperoning a disco for an hour, or taking home materials to make decorations. Perhaps you have a specific skill that you can offer occasionally – prop-making, accountancy, baking, graphic design? Or perhaps your company could offer a prize or partner with us at a PTA event? Any contribution is greatly valued.

Our events only happen because of the people involved - and the more people we have, the less time everyone has to put in. Conversely, if no-one steps forward, we miss opportunities to do great things for our children. So please – we definitely need you!

Finally, we are a very open, fun and friendly group and we make sure we have lots of laughs along the way…if it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it! Many of us have found the PTA a great way to make friends, and we arrange regular social events for the team as well. So if you are new to the school or don’t know many people, please come along to a meeting and say hello!

If you’d like to join the PTA, offer help from your company, or get involved another way, please contact us at [email protected].


Dubai British School Emirates Hills is located in the heart of some of the largest residential developments in Dubai including the Springs, Meadows, Emirates Hills, Greens, Lakes, Jumeirah Islands and Jumeirah Park. The school has over 1,400 students ranging from Foundation to Sixth Form.

We work with selected partners to enhance our events, with in-kind services or stalls at events. We know that many parents have thriving businesses of varying sizes, and we are keen to support them as well as big-name brands.

All of our partners benefit greatly from brand exposure to the school community in a variety of ways depending on level of support, such as direct emails to our parent database, highlights on social media, logos on printed materials, banners at events, and inclusion of items in goody bags.

Below is a small selection of the companies we have worked with. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to get involved in any upcoming events.