BTEC courses focus on skills-based learning and are designed around themed units. This practical approach allows BTEC learners to develop and apply the knowledge and skills that employers, colleges and universities are looking for in their recruits.

At DBSEH, we offer level two BTEC qualifications (equivalent to GCSEs) and level three (equivalent to A levels). While Year 10 and 11 students may undertake a combination of GCSE and BTEC courses, sixth form students have a variety of options. They can choose any of the following combinations:

  • One double BTEC course (equivalent to two A levels) and one single (equivalent to one A level)
  • Three single BTEC courses (each equivalent to one A level)
  • A blended curriculum comprising of a single or double BTEC course and one or two traditional A-levels (bringing the equivalency to three A levels)

The BTEC courses offered at DBSEH do not have an examination component; instead, students undertake a series of internally assessed assignments over two years. By completing the correct number of assignments, students can complete the required number of units for their chosen course and gain the overall qualification. Current BTEC subject options available include business, graphics, I.T., sport and travel and tourism.

All BTEC units are made up of a series of criteria which must be met to achieve the qualification. These are set at pass, merit and distinction standard, and tasks get progressively harder as you move through the criteria. The ability to meet strict deadlines is crucial as, no matter what subject or level, you must meet the deadline given on the assignment brief.

Undertaking a BTEC qualification is no problem when applying to university. In previous years, BTEC students have gone on to study at some of the top universities in the UK as well as in mainland Europe.  In fact, Miss Sharratt (BTEC Business teacher at DBSEH) studied for the BTEC level three diploma instead of for A levels (a long time ago now) and has gone on to gain a couple of master’s degrees since!


Watch our video series on BTEC at DBS Emirates Hills below: