We opened our doors in 2005 and we are now one of the most sought-after British Curriculum school in Dubai.

Our campus has a happy, harmonious and friendly feel, with a strong sense of community and caring throughout the year groups.  As a through school from age 3-18 students and staff know and recognise each other. 

We have many opportunities to encourage the year groups to mix, help and show kindness & understanding all the way through the school. From Peer Mentors in Secondary to class buddies, playground palls and library champignons.

Around the DBS Campus

We have many wonderful areas to explore around our campus.  From the noisy positive energy created at the Sports Hall and Astro to the dramatic echoes around the Auditorium or discover the peaceful quiet tones of the Library. Here are just a few areas to give you a flavour of what we have on Campus.

Foyer | Science Lab | STEAM Garden | Art Room | Primary Library | Music Room | Auditorium | Swimming Pool | Sports Hall | AstroTurf | Foundation Outdoor Play Area 


DBS School foyerAn amazing, high, bright space at the heart of our school, showing the three levels of the building. Live Music Thursdays are located here with different students and teachers showcasing their musical talents.

Live Music Thursday is where we fill our school with Music! Students from Year 3 and above are more than welcome to come and perform their favourite musical pieces to us before school in the foyer. It is also a performance opportunity for our ECA groups, GCSE and A-Level Music students and some times some very talented staff! Our performances run throughout the year and bring in the crowds! Our twitter accounts are there to capture the action so make sure you follow us on social media.

To get involved students or parents can get in touch with Mrs Kermath (Head of Music) via email, and she will allocate a 5-minute performance slot. 

Science Lab

Our newly refurbished Science labs are a workplace for collaboration and exploration of scientific research. Students can see first hand the concepts they have been studying as well as transfer the experience to other learning situations. It is a facility that provides students the opportunity to interact directly with the tools and material of the scientific world.

Girls at DBS in science lab

STEAM Garden

 A creative space where students can glimpse the future, and develop the; ideas, innovations, dreams, and connections they need to make things happen and solve real world problems. We offer a project-based curriculum, designed to build 21st century learning skills and lessons are always a buzz of activity.  

Students can access all the different learning zones in the classroom.  In the Maker Space they can design, build, engineer, create and show true creativity. In the Collaboration Zone, students work together to share skills and present their work.


The Media & Technology Zone gives students access to the disruptive technology of the future; 3D printing, VR/AR, Robotics and IOT.  In the STEAM Lab, we encourage pupils to explore their passion and have the confidence to believe that their ideas can make a difference to our future. 

Art Room

The Art Department is a busy and thriving hub of activity within the school. We have an outstanding facility where students can experiment in a whole range of different endorsements and specialisms. Students can choose from Fine Art, Graphics, 3D, sculpture, ceramics, photography and textiles. 

DBS Art Studio

We have recently expanded the department and now offer Btec Graphics at both Key Stage 4 and 5. Students can access the facilities throughout the school day and clubs are run after school throughout the year. We have regular exhibitions which showcase the outstanding work that students have created in all the Key Stages. 

We encourage students to explore their passions and in doing so create outcomes which are informed thoughtful and highly creative. We have established the department as a centre of excellence and pride ourselves in valuing the work of each and every student. 

Primary Library

A special space to inspire the love of reading.  With a vast variety of books to capture the imaginations of our students we have a mix for all ages, reading abilities and genres from the classic fairy tales, Harry Potter Novels to the latest releases from David Williams. 

DBS Primary Library

One lesson a week is dedicated to Library time when books can be changed, borrowed and read.   
During the Emirates Literature Festival, we are often lucky enough to have guest speakers come to the school and read to students in this very Library. 

Music Room

Short: A vast variety of musical instruments ensure this is an exciting space for beginners or experienced musicians alike. 

Longer: A vast variety of musical instruments ensure this is an exciting space for beginners or experienced musicians alike. Lessons, have a range of topics range from the Classical to Rock and Pop.

Many pupils receive instrumental and vocal lessons taught by a highly qualified, energetic and enthusiastic team of visiting teachers each week. 


The Auditorium seats 286 people over 4 rows giving a personal and up close feel to the space. All the year groups use the Auditorium for their assemblies and Drama classes.  The space is transformed each year with the outstanding, sell out Productions, which are a highlight in the school calendar. 

DBS Auditorium

Swimming Pool

Outdoor, fully shaded, temperature controlled pool is host to swimming lessons throughout the school and a number of exciting competitions. Primary and Secondary Swim squads train multiple times during the week, in the morning and afternoons. Try-outs are at the start of each term, organized by the PE Department.

DBS Pool

Swimming Gala’s between the DBS Houses as well as inter-school Galas are all held here.  This is a fun, exciting and very noisy part of the school. 

Sports Hall

The DBS multi-purpose sports-hall is used by all students as part of their varied PE programme. Curriculum activities include gymnastics, ball games, volleyball, badminton and basketball.

DBS Sports Hall

Our netball, volleyball and basketball teams and recreational squads also use the facility regularly for training and hosting inter-school sports fixtures. 


Our sports field is one of the busiest facilities. Our students love the space that this provides for their lessons and after school activities. The fully enclosed astroturf hosts an array of sports fixtures and our teams enjoy the DBS home crowd support on these occasions. We follow the DASSA Sporting Calendar and try-outs for rounders, cricket, athletics, football and rugby teams will be held at the start of respective seasons.

DBS Asto 

Foundation Outdoor Learning Play area.

DBS Foundation play areaIn the Foundation Stage, we have a large and inviting, shaded Outdoor Classroom dedicated to learning through play. Here you will find a cycling track, slides and climbing equipment, a mud kitchen, water and sand fun, as well as areas that you would find in an indoor classroom such as reading, role-play, construction, creative, numeracy and literacy areas.

The space has been carefully designed, and is set up daily, to promote all areas of children's development and to enhance learning opportunities. The area is surrounded and interspersed with planters, filled with a variety of flowers and vegetables, which invite the children to observe what happens in a living and changing environment and to enjoy the well-being benefits of being outdoors in nature.