We believe that student leaders have a very important role to play in the day-to-day organisation of our school. The positions not only allow students the opportunity to model confident leadership, resilience and responsibility, it also encourages the younger students to aspire and learn from peer examples. This supports our mission for students to ‘Enjoy, Aspire, and Achieve’.                     

Sixth Form Prefects

The student-elected Prefect body meets with the school council team as well as the Head of Secondary and the Principal regularly to discuss issues and help bring about positive change in the school. The Prefect body is made up of the Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Prefects.

Sixth Form Peer Mentors    

Peer Mentors from the Sixth Form are assigned to each Key Stage 3 tutor group to provide student to student mentoring, in the shape of support and guidance through the year.

Secondary Council

Council members are elected by peers and a panel of teaching staff. A key focus for them is looking at how to improve students’ experiences at our school.

Primary Prefects

As only Year 6 pupils are allowed to earn roles as Primary Prefects, it is considered to be very prestigious. Students nominate themselves, go through a peer-vote process, and have an interview with our school counsellor. Primary Prefects are expected to lead by example, assist Primary students during break and lunch times, lead with school tours and represent the Primary school when needed.

Primary Pop-Up Council

Our Primary Pop-Up Council is a voluntary extra-curricular activity and recently the council has done an amazing job of helping the school and the wider community become more environmentally friendly.

House Captains

Leaders of the four school houses are elected in Year 6 for Primary and in each year group in Secondary. Elected positions for each house are: House Captain (girl), House Captain (boy), Vice-Captain (girl), Vice-Captain (girl). Responsibilities include: helping to arrange inter-house competitions, communicating with students in their houses and being role-models of sportsmanship.