Provision of Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) continues to expand at DBS; now COVID restrictions have eased, and students over the age of 15 are legally allowed to work part-time in the UAE, students will be afforded greater opportunities to engage with the workplace, higher education and employers than ever before.

Our primary resource in school remains the CEIAG platform, Unifrog ( that all students and parents from Year 9 upwards has access to.

Students from Year 8 upwards carry out CEIAG activities appropriate to their age; most of these activities are delivered as part of the PSHE programme, some are delivered at specific times in the school year when they relate to key transition points.

Senior students receive bespoke advice and guidance relating to their subject choices at and beyond DBSEH, as well as a number of sessions that develop students' professional, academic and domestic skills in preparation for life after DBSEH.

My role as Head of University and Career Guidance is to equip students with the skills to use information about their next steps effectively.

Should you have any questions about CEIAG provision at DBSEH, please contact: [email protected], Head of University and Career Guidance.