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taaleem-imageTaaleem was formed in 2004 to address the growing demand for quality education in the United Arab Emirates and wider GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Our Vision is to be the most respected provider of early childhood, primary and secondary education in the Gulf.

Our Mission is to inspire our students and staff to explore, identify and develop their passions and talents.

Our Objectives are to be a caring organisation that communicates effectively and delivers excellent service to enable our students and staff to compete on the global stage.

At Taaleem, inspiration is what drives successful learning. Everybody remembers an inspiring teacher because of the material difference he or she made to us as individuals, stretching our potential and encouraging us to make the most of our talents and strengths. Empowerment is the upshot of inspirational teaching and it sees students increasingly aiming higher and achieving more. Together, inspiration and empowerment are the architects of our future successes. Having charted the link between inspiration, empowerment and success, creating a learning environment that inspires children is the driving force behind Taaleem.

Taaleem students have been accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities including: University of Cambridge, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Santa Monica College, University of San Francisco, George Washington University, University of Berkeley in California, The University of Texas at Austin, Drexel University, University of Liverpool, University of Sussex and Queen’s University, Belfast.

Our portfolio presently encompasses: Al-Mizhar American Academy, Dubai British School, Greenfield Community School, Jumeira Baccalaureate School, Uptown School, The Children’s Garden (Green Community, Al Barsha and Jumeira) and Raha International School in Abu Dhabi. In September 2014, we will open Dubai British Foundation in Jumeira Islands, Dubai. This brand new co-educational facility for three to five year olds will offer an enriched Early Years Foundation Stage Programme (EYFS). In September 2015, a new British school for Year 1 to Year 13 will open in Jumeirah Park, just a few minutes away from Dubai British Foundation.


Media Coverage



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New School

Dubai British Foundation

Taaleem is delighted to announce the opening of a new British foundation school.

Opening in September 2014*, located in Jumeirah Islands, (opposite The Springs Town Centre), Dubai.


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